Okta - SCIM integration

This is a quick guide to help synchronize Okta users and groups with Zentral using SCIM.

Update the Zentral realm

First you need to configure an OKTA realm, with the SCIM enabled option. If you already have a realm, you can update it and enable SCIM. After you save the realm, you will be redirected to a detail view, with the SCIM root URL. This is the URL that you will need to configure the SCIM integration in Okta.

Provision a Zentral service account

The SCIM synchronization is part of the Zentral API. To let Okta authenticate with Zentral, you need to setup a Zentral group and a Zentral service account.


In Zentral, groups are used to give permissions to the users or service accounts. Create a group with the following permissions:

  • realms.realmgroup add, change, delete, view
  • realms.realmuser add, change, delete, view

Service account

A Zentral service account is a Zentral user that cannot log into the admin console. Create a user for your SCIM integration. Pick a name, a description, and add it to the group you have just created. Do not forget to note the API token. You will need it later to configure the Okta application.

Update the Okta Application

Add SCIM provisioning

In the General tab of the Okta application, click Edit, select SCIM in the Provisioning section and click SAVE.

Choose the provisioning options

Open the Provisioning tab of the Okta application, click Edit. Use the SCIM root URL from the Zentral realm detail page as SCIM connector base URL.

Set userName as Unique identifier field for users.

Under Supported provisioning actions, choose Push New Users, Push Profile Updates and Push Groups. The synchronization is only one-way, from Okta to Zentral.

Select the HTTP Header authentication, and use the API token of the service account you have just created as bearer token.

After you have saved the form, open the To App sub tab. Make sure that the Create Users, Update User Attributes and Deactivate Users options are enabled. The Sync Password option must be disabled.

Configure the groups to be pushed

IMPORTANT Use a different group for application assignment in Okta. The group used for application assignment cannot be pushed to Zentral.

To push an Okta group to Zentral, open the Push Groups tab of the Okta application. Click on the Push Groups dropdown, look for the group by name or rule, select it. There will probably be no match for the group in Zentral, so the Create Group option is displayed, with the named of the group that will be created in Zentral greyed out. You can save this mapping or save and add another one.