ZAIO setup

On every Zentral all in one instance, there is a setup script that will automatically take care of the last steps necessary to bring your Zentral instance online. Among them:

  • get the server certificates and install them (letsencrypt)
  • setup unique and random app secrets
  • download and install the geo ip database
  • create the first Zentral superuser

How to run it

Once you are logged into your instance, use the following command:

sudo /home/zentral/app/utils/ \ \
     username \
     [email protected]

List of the arguments:

  1. path to the install script. ALWAYS /home/zentral/app/utils/
  2. [required] FQDN resolving to the public IP address of the instance. It has to be setup and it has to resolve correctly before running this script.
  3. [required] username of the first Zentral superuser. It will be used to log into Zentral.
  4. [required] email of the first Zentral superuser. It can be used for password recovery (if the instance can send emails, i.e., not on Google Cloud).

A lot of things will be happening. At the end of a successful run, you will get an invitation (password reset) for your superuser in the form of an URL:

Superuser username [email protected] created
Password reset:

Open the invitation URL (Password reset) in your browser, pick a password, and log in with the username, and the new password. That's it!


The script is built so that it can be run many times, in a non-destructive way. If you run into an error, you can re-run the script after fixing your setup.

Frequent issues:

  • Check that at least the 22, 80 and 443 ports are not blocked by you network or instance settings.
  • Check that the FQDN(s) do resolve to the public IP address of the instance.

Extra tools

Some commands to manage your Zentral all in one instance.

To restart the application, after having changed the configuration for example:

sudo /home/zentral/app/utils/

To deploy the main branch from the github repository:

sudo /home/zentral/app/utils/

You can quickly see status for Zentral app, workers and celery worker:

sudo systemctl status zentral_web_app
sudo systemctl status zentral_workers
sudo systemctl status zentral_celery