Okta - SAML integration

This is a quick guide to help integrate Okta with Zentral.

In Zentral, identity providers (IdP) are configured using realms. There are 3 different kind of realms: SAML, OIDC, and LDAP. In this case, we will use a SAML realm.

We will start by setting up an Okta application. We will then configure a Zentral realm for this application. Finally, we will update the Okta application configuration.

Create an Okta application

Create the app

In Okta, from the Applications view, click on the Create App Integration button, then select SAML 2.0.

In the next view, pick an app name, a logo, …

Configure the SAML settings


⚠️ The Zentral URLs for the SAML integration are known only once the realm has been saved, and in order to be able to save the realm, we need the metadata from Okta. This is a chicken-egg kind of problem. That's why we have to first use dummy values for some of the fields, and update them later.

  1. Set dummy values for Single sign on URL, Audience URI (SP Entity ID), and Default RelayState
  2. Set Application username to Okta username
  3. Set Update application username on Create and update

Attribute Statements

Add the following mappings:

Name Name Format Value
username Unspecified user.login
email Unspecified user.email
first_name Unspecified user.firstName
last_name Unspecified user.lastName

Download the Okta app IdP metadata

In the Sign On tab of the Okta application, click on the View SAML setup instruction button.

At the bottom of the page, copy the IdP metadata and save it to a file.

Create the Zentral realm

In Zentral, go to Setup > Realms, click on Create realm and select SAML realm.

Fill up the form:

  • Pick a name
  • Select Enabled for login if you want to use this realm as login realm
  • Pick a login session expiry (can be left empty, see help text)
  • Use username, email, first_name, last_name (see section above) for the claims
  • Leave Full name claim empty
  • Upload the metadata file that you have just saved (see previous section)
  • If you want to allow logins initiated by the IDP, tick the box

Update the Okta application

We now have all the values required to finish configuring the Okta application.

In the General tab of the app, update the SAML settings:

Okta application Zentral realm
Single sign on URL Assertion Consumer Service URL
Audience URI (SP Entity ID) Entity ID
Default RelayState Default RelayState (only if realm setup for IdP initiated login)

You can check if everything is working using the 🕶 button in the Zentral realm detail page. It will trigger an authentication with the IdP and display the claims Zentral receives with their mappings.

Optional: Group mappings

You can map some Okta claim/value pairs to Zentral groups. This allows you to manage the group memberships from Okta.

In the Zentral realm detail page, click on the Create button under Group mapping. Pick a claim, a value, and a group.

When users log in and their claim matches, they will be added to the group. If the claim does not match, they will be removed from the group.

The mappings can be tested with the 🕶 button.