The configuration is either a JSON object or a YAML associative array. In this document, we will use a dotted notation for the "absolute path" to a configuration key. For example api.tls_cert is the tls_cert configuration key in the api section. A section is a JSON object or a YAML associative array. In a JSON configuration, all sections/objects must be placed in a root object. In a YAML configuration, the sections are the keys of the root associative array.

  "api": {
    "tls_cert": "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\nMIID…"
  tls_cert: |-


The configuration can be loaded from a file or an environment variable. To load it from a file, the ZENTRAL_CONF_DIR environment variable must be set to the absolute path of the directory where the base.json, base.yml or base.yaml file is. The configuration can also be loaded from an environment variable. You can use the ZENTRAL_CONF or B64GZIP_ZENTRAL_CONF variables. ZENTRAL_CONF for the JSON or YAML serialized configuration. B64GZIP_ZENTRAL_CONF for the serialized configuration, gzipped and base64 encoded – in that order. This can be useful when storing the configuration in a cloud provider parameter store for example.